Second FHS graduate accomplishes perfect attendance

Courtesy Erika Cowger, Lyon County School District

A life-long student of the Lyon County School District graduated from Fernley High School with the incredible accomplishment of perfect attendance since kindergarten. This is the second student from FHS to walk away with 13 years of perfect attendance!

Aspen Kennison grew up in Fernley, where she attended Cottonwood Elementary School, Fernley Intermediate School, Silverland Middle School, and most currently Fernley High School.

Kennison had been working toward perfect attendance her whole school career with inspiration from her mother who had achieved perfect attendance in her academic career.


When asked if there were ever any days in those 13 years that she just didn’t feel 100 percent up to going to school, Kennison admits there were a few times, but even so, she realized how far she had come and how close she was to accomplishing this goal that she never missed a day.

Senior year sometimes presents student-initiated activities like “Senior Ditch Days,” although the move to remote distance learning changed this, among many things, for the Class of 2020. If this class had been in school, she might have been tempted but would likely not have missed any days and “kept focus on the prize at the end,” Kennison said.

She also says that the most rewarding aspect of her accomplishment is never missing any instruction time and always being able to turn in her work on time. Her family would always make sure they planned a family trip around school, so they wouldn’t miss any school days. 

Her favorite school memory was being able to attend high school football games with friends. Additionally, Kennison says, “I would like to give a shout-out to my mom for always making sure that I got up every day for school, no matter what, and always encouraging me to do my best.” 

Next up, Kennison wants to attend a university and become a pediatrician.

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