County Commissioners approve 2024-2025 tentative budget

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The Lyon County Board of County Commissioners met Tuesday, April 9, 2024, to approve the 2024-2025 tentative budget. Comptroller Josh Foli presented an Executive Summary and an overview of each Department’s budgets to the Board and answered questions from Commissioners on specific budget line items. The motion to approve the tentative budget, including minor revisions, was made by Commissioner Henderson and approved unanimously. The second budget hearing will be scheduled for a Board of County Commission meeting in May.

Total revenues, excluding grants, for the General Fund are projected to increase by 2.9% compared to the current fiscal year.

  • Consolidated taxes are projected to increase 0.6% and represent 43.9% of the General Fund revenue.
  • Property taxes in the General Fund are projected to increase 16.7% and represent 33.1% of the General Fund revenue.

Budget Highlights


Significant items in budgeting for Fiscal Year 2024-2025 are as follows:

  • Three cents of the property tax rate were moved to the General Fund from the Medical Indigent Fund.
  • $100,000 in utility license fee revenue has been moved in the recommended budget to the Road Fund from the General Fund.
  • Position changes (net increases 4.1 FTE) to include adding a Custodian, IT Technician II, Fleet Services Technician, and Juvenile Probation Officer.

Benefit Estimates

  • Health insurance rates are estimated to increase by approximately 5%.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance costs are estimated to increase by 10%.

Capital Outlay Requests

General Fund

  • Replace entry doors at Yerington Administrative building – $27,000.
  • Lights for secure parking at the Fernley complex – $30,000.
  • HVAC replacements at the Dayton Library – $41,500, Dayton Senior Center – $52,000, Fernley Library – $26,000, and Fernley Sheriff’s Office – $52,000.
  • Facilities vehicles, one replacement – $60,000, one new – $55,000.
  • Power pole replacement for Singatse Peak power line for IT – $60,000.
  • One new vehicle for IT – $42,000.
  • Two replacement vehicles for the Building Department – $98,000.
  • One replacement vehicle for Court Services – $35,000.
  • One replacement vehicle for Fernley Justice Court – $65,000.
  • One new vehicle for Juvenile Probation – $60,000.
  • Three replacement vehicles for the Sheriff’s Office – $240,000.
  • Replace pump and add water pressure tank at the Smith Valley Cemetery – $26,000.

Vehicle Acquisition Fund

  • Seven replacement vehicles for the Sheriff’s Office – $450,000.

Road Improvement Fund

  • One replacement water truck – $295,000.
  • One replacement truck – $75,000.

Medical Indigent Fund

  • A portion of the funding towards a Dayton Government Center – $3,000,000.

Senior Services Fund

  • Two replacement vehicles for Human Services (match for grants) – $25,603.

Capital Improvement Fund

  • Justice Complex Improvements – $2,338,329.
  • Dayton Government Complex (multiple year project) – $25,734,973.

County Utilities

  • Smokey Hills water main replacement, Phase I – $2,302,100.
  • Rolling A Sewer Plant expansion (multiple year project) – $4,924,000.
  • Sewer gravity line replacement (multiple year project) – $3,666,600.

The Board of County Commissioners adjourned to reconvene as the Mason Valley Mosquito Abatement District Board, Central Lyon County Vector Control Board, Walker River Weed Control District Board, Silver Springs General Improvement District, and Willowcreek General Improvement District Board to approve each District’s tentative budget as separate agenda items.

The complete agenda and back up materials are posted online at

For more information, visit our website and follow our Facebook page  Residents can view recordings of previous Board of County Commission meetings on the Lyon County YouTube Channel.

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