Public Utilities Commission of Nevada opens discussion on popular energy efficiency program

The Fernley Reporter

Advocates for clean energy and energy efficiency applauded a unanimous decision by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to reconsider cuts to popular energy-efficient lighting rebates. Last year, the PUC ended rebate programs for LED lighting, despite the fact that efficiency programs save consumers money, reduce energy bills, cut pollution and create jobs.

“Improving energy efficiency saves money for homeowners, renters, and businesses now and into the future, and creates jobs in Nevada,” said Rudy Zamora, director of Chispa Nevada, a group dedicated to building Latino families’ power to fight for a more just and healthier future for the Silver State. “The PUC should support more energy efficiency programs, not eliminate them. We encourage the PUC and the utility to find ways to support energy efficiency among underserved populations. Low-income families, particularly those who are renting, often live in energy-wasting homes and apartments. We can do a better job ensuring Nevada’s low-income residents have easy access to energy savings, and energy-efficient lighting programs are a strong step forward.”

Nationwide, many electric utilities are implementing energy efficiency programs for their customers that include residential LED lighting. These LED lighting programs have consistently been popular with at all income levels, including renters and home owners.


The LED lighting programs adopted by NV Energy in the past were extremely successful. In 2015, the northern Nevada program achieved 196 percent of its energy savings goal and the southern Nevada program achieved 270 percent of its energy savings target. An independent analysis NV Energy completed in 2016 showed incentive programs greatly increase the purchase of LED lamps.

Chispa Nevada is a member of the RenewNV partnership. RenewNV is a partnership of organizations working to build and enhance Nevada’s clean energy economy.

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