NDOT seeks public input on proposed freight improvements


State Poised to Take Advantage of Federal Freight Improvement Funds

 Submitted by NDOT

CARSON CITY – The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is soliciting public input on proposed Nevada freight projects and improvements to further strengthen Nevada freight, commerce and mobility.

The Nevada Freight Plan was developed to enhance Nevada’s economic competitiveness with a safe and superior freight system that creates a crossroads of national commerce anchored by freight hubs in southern and northern Nevada. The plan includes strategies, projects, policies and programs. Some of these projects include the development of a future Interstate 11 corridor to a western North American Free Trade Agreement Corridor and further integration of freight carried by trucks, trains, planes and pipelines to highway improvements and enhanced truck parking. Emerging technologies such as automated truck platooning and Hyperloop high-speed transportation systems are also being considered.

“The new federal transportation funding law (FAST Act) appropriates nearly $60 million to qualifying Nevada freight projects over the next five years,” NDOT Freight Project Manager Bill Thompson said. “To qualify, those projects must be carefully prioritized and outlined in a statewide freight plan. Nevada has an ongoing and collaborative freight planning process in place which poises the state to fully take advantage of that federal funding for important projects to enhance freight, commerce and mobility.”


Nevada initiated the freight planning process in early 2015 to analyze current and future freight trends and needs and collaboratively identify strategies to enhance Nevada freight movement. The ultimate goal is to transform Nevada’s major metro areas from stops with single corridor freight access into multidirectional, multi-modal freight hubs with greater access to the national and global freight network. Some state-sponsored freight improvements have already been put in place, such as online truck parking maps and more.

“The transportation system is how goods and services get to each of us in Nevada; it is the lifeblood of our economic vitality,” NDOT Director Rudy Malfabon said. “This is an important opportunity for everyone in Nevada to give their feedback on potential projects and programs that will help build mobility, provide safety and support the state’s economy.”

The draft freight plan is a collaborative effort led by NDOT with input from various Nevada transportation organizations and assisted by consultants Michael Gallis and Associates. The draft plan is available for public review and feedback at  or by calling (775) 888-7354. Public comment can be made through August 15, 2016.

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