Mark IV Capital celebrates Tilt of Walls for first building at Victory Logistics District

A crane lifts a wall into place on the 815,000 square foot Building A at the Victory Logistics District in Fernley. (Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter)

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

Mark IV Capital Senior Vice President Mark Pfautz has seen up close the progress on the company’s construction of the first building at the Victory Logistics District.

But as he walked toward the site with a visitor before a Wall Tilt Up ceremony on Oct. 13, even he was seemingly struck by the immensity of what will be an 815.000 square foot building with a 40-foot clear height.

“This will definitely bring a tenant,” Pfautz said.


The ceremony was to celebrate the tilting up of pre-poured concrete walls being lifted into place. Construction on the building began in April at the site located at 1895 Duffy Road.

“To get to this point, we had to move 440,000 cubic yards of dirt over 147 acres,” Pfautz told an assemblage of several dozen people at the ceremony. It includes 30,000 lineal feet of underground utilities, and before construction is done, it will include  34,000 cubic yards of concrete on the 815,000-foot slab that’s eight inches thick.

Pfautz said construction to this point has been hampered by COVID-19, supply shortages, unknowns and heavy anxiety moments, with a heavy dose of scary volatility in pricing and supply chain issues.

The building is being designed to bring in a national big box business, which he said are consistently over-promised and under-delivered. The company hopes to attract top tier national tenants seeking manufacturing, distribution, data center and cold storage space with one day truck access to the entire western region of the United States

“None of them believe your delivery dates until you really get to tilting panels,” he said. “We might seem giddy at times, but this is really important to us and we’re just really excited about this milestone. As far as I know, in terms of spec buildings, maybe any buildings, this is the first 40-clear big box in this state, and we’re very happy about that.”

The state-of-the-art building features 160 dock-high doors and four drive-in doors. The site design includes 372 trailer parking spaces and 451 vehicle parking spaces, and has the ability to add more than 11 contiguous acres to significantly expand the trailer and vehicular parking count.

Pfautz said full plans and permits are in place for two other buildings, Building B and Building C, which will be 170,000 and 217,000 square feet, respectively, with 36-foot clear heights. Mark IV expects to have tenant interest in those buildings by next spring.

Fellow Mark IV Senior Vice President Evan Slavik said the tilting of walls is a symbol of the progress made since the company purchased the planned 4,300 acre industrial park, formerly called the Crossroads Commerce Center, two years ago.

“This is one of literally dozens of projects that will be built here at Victory Logistics District,” Slavik said. “We’ll be building these projects over the next coming decades.”

He said Mark IV plans to build about 25 million square feet of industrial space and all the infrastructure to support it, as well as building full-service rail facilities, both switching and transload, that will allow companies to move materials both inbound and outbound.

All of this is planned to take place on the south side of Interstate 80. The company plans to use land north of I-80 for housing, retail, parks and schools.

“We talk about this, we look at maps, look at plans, but to see walls going up is absolutely incredible,” said city manager Daphne Hooper, saying the city is working with the company to identify things like workforce needs and school district needs.

“This is just the beginning, so hold on for the ride,” she said.

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