Fernley 4th of July Classic Car Show results

1) Richard DeVilbiss-1934 Ford

2) Tommy Smithers-1957 Pontiac

3) Roger Baker-1950 Chevrolet

4) Martin Nevis-1968 Camaro


5) John Jones-1964 Chevrolet II

6) Carl Steinberg-1966 Pontiac GTO

7) Martin Nevis-2013 Camaro

8) Wynn Allred-1971 Valiant

9) Leon Watson-1929 Ford P/U

10) Paul Oberhansli-1971 Chevrolet P/U

11) Ernest Duarte-1941 Ford P/U

12) Jay Austin-1936 Ford P/U

13) Jay Miller-1966 Chevrolet

14) Terry Quashnick-1969 Corvette

15) Ernest Duarte-1964 El Camino

16) Lonnie Ward-1967 El Camino.

Special trophy recipients:

Best of Show: Tom Nelson-1941 Custom Lincoln

People’s Choice: Bruce Covey-1933 Ford C-400

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