WNC’s First Year Experience provides additional support, assistance and camaraderie for incoming students

Western Nevada College students participating in the First Year Experience program will receive added support from counselors, instructors and academic coaches.

Courtesy Steve Yingling, Western Nevada College

Graduation is fast approaching for many high school seniors. With many students trying to finalize post-graduation plans, Western Nevada College is happy to announce a new First Year Experience program designed to aid students in their transition to college. 

The First Year Experience brings many elements of WNC’s successful Latino Leadership Academy to the wider student community. Students are placed in groups or cohorts based on career interests to provide a built-in support system as they navigate many of the general education courses necessary for their degrees. 

Students participating in the First Year Experience will receive added support from counselors, instructors and academic coaches. Assistance in completing the FAFSA and applying for scholarships will also be a priority.


Additionally, this program will serve as a hub for building relationships with fellow students as participants will be encouraged to engage in a variety of cohort events such as student success workshops and athletic competitions. 

Favorably, these additional services will come at no extra cost to participants.  

Interested students should contact their high school counselor to request an appointment with a visiting WNC representative, email or call 775- 445-3267 to meet with a WNC adviser who can provide more information regarding the First Year Experience.

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