WNC Jump Start College program recognized

Courtesy Steve Yingling, Western Nevada College

Western Nevada College’s dual-credit Jump Start College program was recently selected as the ACT College and Career Readiness State Exemplar Award recipient.

ACT established the College and Career Readiness campaign in 2013 to recognize exemplary efforts by postsecondary institutions, employers, high schools and students.

Now in its third year, WNC’s Jump Start College serves 13 high schools in seven school districts.


“We are especially thankful for the support of the superintendents, principals and high school counselors, without whose help this opportunity could never have been provided to the 400 current high school participants,” said WNC Dean of Student Services John Kinkella. “The Jump Start College students are dramatically exceeding all expectations — this fall attaining a 96 percent course completion rate and a 97 percent re-enrollment rate.”

Kinkella said Jump Start students have been accepted at University of Nevada, Reno; UNLV; Boise State; BYU; Cal Pol-San Luis Obispo; and Stanford, among others.

“Students’ success as transfer students is extremely gratifying,” Kinkella said. “A common theme is: ‘I already had college figured out by the time I arrived at the university.’ From the feedback we have received from the parents and students who have taken Jump Start over the past three years, the gains made in maturity and in their academic standing have been remarkable.”

“For these reasons, Western Nevada College is grateful to receive the recognition as the Nevada State Exemplar,” Kinkella said.

In being recognized as the Nevada State Exemplar, WNC will be considered as a potential national semifinalist by an ACT selection committee, which will determine four national exemplars.

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