What have we become?

Jim Vallet, for the Fernley Reporter

On Friday, March 13 2020, I was in the clubhouse of the Fernley Golf Club in Fernley, when I heard maybe the most disgusting words I have heard in my life.

“I don’t know, I hope a lot of liberals back there catch the coronavirus and die. I swear I do,” a patron sitting at the bar declared.

His companions did not respond verbally. Sadly, neither did I. When I finished registering, I left without saying or doing anything.


My God, where are we? Wishing death upon people because of their political affiliations in the middle of a pandemic. What would Abe Lincoln or Ronald Reagan think? 

To be fair, this person was, apparently, quite under the influence of alcohol as evidenced by his failure to speak even one loud sentence that did not contain the “F…” word at least two or three times in the presence of the female bartender. So, maybe we can give this guy a pass and say it was the booze talking. Or, maybe we shouldn’t, I don’t know. I do know that his words were disgusting to me, and hopefully, for all people, because that’s what we are. Primarily, we are not liberals or conservatives, we are human beings, and if you’re not scared right now, you’re not paying attention.

If anyone should answer this by saying they have heard liberals saying the same, or nearly the same words, I say you missed my point. A liberal wishing death upon a conservative for his political beliefs is just as bad as the drunk in Fernley, and if I heard it, I would call it out the same way. If you criticize me, call me out for not speaking to the loudmouth’s face, not for pointing out what should be the obvious.

This is about humanity, decency, and compassion. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Politics must end at the hospital door. 

One thought on “What have we become?

  • Rod Arbogast

    What will we become is the better question.

    Asleep at the wheel is where most citizens are currently. We are witnessing just how asleep they have been with the hysteria occurring in supermarkets.

    I am just happy that we currently have a 1st amendment that gives us the right to voice our opinions whether they are agreeable or disagreeable to the listeners ears. We have rights, inalienable rights given to us by our creator. Given the idiots that are fighting to take out rights on both sides of the aisle it is surprising we have any rights left.

    Those not paying attention to the administrators they are electing on party lines are to blame for allowing so many criminals to be placed into office placing us all in danger of an eroding republic. This new mass hysteria (N Covid 19) is going to separate the wheat from the chaff as it runs its course. I hope all of America will come together regardless of the TDS and fear porn that has been pushed by the MSM resulting in this mass panic situation.

    A drunk spewing his resentment towards the followers of an opposite political party is miniscule when compared to the vile hatred being exhibited by the sock puppet corporate shills in the leftist media, celebrities, sports stars and political adversaries that are fanning the flames of hatred nationwide and infesting peoples homes through cable channels. It amazes me that any sane and mildly intelligent person would pay a cable service hundreds of dollars a month to allow such brainwashing to haunt their homes and psyche, much less influence their children and family harmony.

    There are far greater things to become offended or angry about then a drunk at a country club spewing profanity and political opinions. Our liberties on every front are being threatened daily in real time by the very people we have elected to protect and preserve them and all some people can do is blame Trump for the ails of the country, vast issues that have festered and grown for 100 plus years or longer. Trump is in there trying to fight for the citizens rights and being assailed from all sides by the deep state vermin and politicians who are bought and paid for by the lobbyists and globalist masters who have been attempting to plunge the USA into chaos using UN Agendas, false flags, constructed black op wars and the main stream media frenzied propaganda that is increasing 10 fold on a daily basis to distract and confuse the public.

    It is pathetic to see so many ill informed sheep being offended by trivial issues and using “the feels” to guide their judgment. People are in the streets attacking Conservatives physically, children being indoctrinated by drag queen story hour, late term abortion being lauded, pilfering of taxpayer dollars through money laundering schemes (Ukraine – Bidens & Book Deals & Netflix – Clinton/Obama et al., and one drunk guy at a bar making a personally biased comment offends you?

    Being stepped on and ripped off by our government is to me extremely offensive and those supporting the thieves blindly by party line are as responsible for guiding a bias in the drunk guy at the bar as they are for the lamenting black drabbed, blue haired, violent fascist trying to forcefully deny conservatives the right to attend a rally for whatever issue they support. I am seeing a prime example of what some people have allowed themselves to become with your post. A large portion of the population are lost and brainwashed to the reality of what is happening to the fabric of our republic while they screech offense of every slight for public attention. We will see how compassionate people become when the stores are laid bare from the fearporn of the MSM over the Kung Flu.

    Your neighbor.


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