So, what happened?

By Dr. Robin Titus

Hours before counties begin announcing their reopening plans, Governor Sisolak made a political calculation to steal their thunder for the limelight and attempt to take credit for removing social distancing guidelines and reopening the state.

So, what happened to the supposed science used to unilaterally shut the state down without any input or checks and balances from other branches of government? In fact, Nevada’s COVID-19 test positivity rate has consecutively increased every day for the past ten days. And the Johnson and Johnson vaccine had just been paused that same morning.

So, where’s the science for removing social distancing guidelines…or was it just convenient political theater before the inevitable?

It’s obvious.

This was a political calculation amid the most progressive and partisan session in history.

Everyone sees the Las Vegas pool parties already happening and kicking into high gear this summer during the Governor’s re-election efforts.

Just like Gavin Newsom in California, the science changes when it’s politically convenient.

Dr. Robin Titus is the Nevada Assembly minority leader. She represents District 38, which includes most of Lyon and Churchill Counties.

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