Silverland 8th grade girls finish season 13-1

The Silverland Middle School 8th grade girls basketball team, pictured from left to right, (front row) MaCinsey Coben, Alizah Lara, Haley Jensen (second row) Evven Johnson, Brooke Lockard, Cora Maldonado, Paisley Rosenlund, Samantha Shepperd, Karley Hodgden,( third row) Dejalyne Gopher, Isabella Dumont, Kalinah Hyman, Dave Burns, Mackenzie Depaoli, Reanna McVey and Faith Doran.

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

The Silverland Middle School eighth grade girls basketball team finished its season with a 13-1 record.

Coach Dave Burns said of his squad: “I don’t think I could be prouder of a team. This team displayed commitment, discipline, and sacrifice to be the best they could be and  their success was evident because of this. It takes a team to be successful. This 8th grade squad was truly a team. They practiced hard and came to practice every day to get better and achieve short-term goals to get to the long-term goals. Even though we didn’t win the Sage Brush League championship it wasn’t due to lack of execution and discipline, we just weren’t table to hit shots that we had consistently hit all season long. I’m so proud of these girls and how far they came and where they can go. Thank you for a tremendous year and I look forward to watching you at the next level.  

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