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Business Impact Statement – City of Fernley Redevelopment Plan

The City of Fernley is considering establishing a redevelopment project area, pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute Chapter 279 Redevelopment of Communities. The proposed redevelopment project area would consist of land generally including the area along the U.S. Highway 50 corridor from the intersection of Mess Drive along Main Street past the intersection of U.S. Highway 50 and U.S. Highway 95A as well as several residential neighborhoods. A map of the proposed redevelopment district can be found here

Per Nevada Revised Statute Chapter 237, the City of Fernley is requesting input from the City’s business community regarding possible impacts that the establishment of this proposed redevelopment district might have. The purpose of this notice is to determine whether the proposed regulations will impose a direct and significant economic burden upon your business, or directly restrict the formation, operation or expansion of your business. 

The establishment of a proposed redevelopment district is not a new tax. The establishment of the proposed redevelopment district would enable the proposed redevelopment agency to reinvest incremental property tax revenues, normally distributed to the City of Fernley, Lyon County, the Lyon County School District, and the State of Nevada, into the revitalization and development of property and new and existing businesses within the proposed redevelopment district. Other redevelopment agencies in Nevada (including, for example, Boulder City, Carson City, Douglas County, Elko, Ely, and Henderson) have used these incremental property tax revenues to fund a variety of business recruitment, expansion and retention efforts. Additional information is available on the City’s website.  Click here for a copy of the “Small Business Impact Questionnaire.”  Hard copies may also be obtained by visiting Fernley City Hall located at 595 Silver Lace Blvd. Fernley, NV 89408. 

As a business owner, you are invited to provide any input into the potential impact that you think the establishment of a new redevelopment district in the City of Fernley may have on your business. On the following page, please answer each of the questions that apply and add any qualifying remarks that may help us to understand your position. Please use additional pages if the space provided is inadequate. All comments received will be submitted to the City of Fernley City Council for their review at the February 6, 2019 City Council meeting. If you have any questions regarding this request, or about the establishment of the proposed redevelopment district, please feel free to contact Ms. Unterbrink or Mr. Steinmann at your earliest convenience. Mail, scan and email or drop off your completed form by 5:00 PM on January 18, 2019 to:


Colleen Unterbrink, Assistant to the City Manager
City of Fernley 595 Silver Lace Blvd. Fernley, NV 89408
Phone: 775.784.9851 / E-mail:

Frederick Steinmann, Assistant Research Professor
University Center for Economic Development
University of Nevada, Reno
Phone: 775.784.1655 / E-mail:

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