School District proposes Sept. 1 start to school year


Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

After settling on a hybrid model combining in-person instruction and distance learning to start the school year, the Lyon County School District has come up with a proposed school year calendar that would start the school year Sept. 1.
Both the proposed hybrid model and school year calendar are scheduled to be considered by the district’s Board of Trustees on July 28. The meeting will streamed on the District website.

The districts reopening committee had selected the hybrid model of students divided into two groups, or cohorts, that would alternate attending school in person and doing distance learning on an alternating weekly basis. There will also be a full distance education plan for students whose families choose not to send them to school in person. Parents can find out more about that option by contacting their student’s school.

There will also be a plan for a distance educational model in the possibility that a school is closed completely due to an outbreak.


The district’s Reopening Committee came up with the plan for the hybrid model at a June 29 meeting. Also on June 29, the Nevada Association of School Superintendents sent a letter to Governor Steve Sisolak asking that all students who wish to return to school in person be allowed to.

Under the proposed school calendar, new teachers would report for professional development on Aug. 12 and 1, with the rest of teachers reporting Aug. 14 for teacher training lasting through Aug. 31.

“This change allows us to train our educators in how to best provide instruction using the hybrid model of learning,” Superintendent Wayne Workman said in a letter to parents.

Students would be divided into Cohorts A and B, with students in the same household in the same cohort so they can attend in person on the same schedule. Students with extenuating circumstances will be allowed to attend school in person every day, and plans are being made for kindergarten, first grade and possibly second grade to attend school in person every day.

Pre-kindergarten will not be offered for the 2020-21 school year, and possibly longer, because of the loss of grant funding.
Daily schedules will be adjusted to limit the risk of exposure for students and staff throughout the day, including fewer classes each day and fewer class transitions, differences in serving breakfast and lunch and changes in what is allowed during recess.

Under the proposed calendar, the school year would be shortened to 171 days. Students in Cohort A would attend class in person on 86 days with Cohort B attending in person 85 days. Winter break would be Dec. 21 through Jan. 1, with Spring Break April 5-9. The last day of school would be June 4.

One thought on “School District proposes Sept. 1 start to school year

  • Dorothy Oelschlager

    I have read no mention of protecting our teachers! Is the school board going to furnish shields for the teachers. The Teachers are going to be in a closed door class room.!! This does not sound good to me.
    Are the children going to wear mask?

    I am a concerned citizen, I have no children in school.


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