SafeVoice anonymous tip line goes live in Lyon County School District

Courtesy Erika Garcia, Lyon County School District

On Monday, January 29, SafeVoice, an anonymous tip line provided by the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) and the Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS) went live in Lyon County School District.

All schools have been trained, have the resources and will respond to the anonymous tips accordingly. DPS will handle all emergency needs when school is not in session. This includes nights, weekends, holidays, summers, etc. and will forward non-emergency info to schools.

Of course, the hope is that a child will talk directly to parents as well as with the school about their concerns. However, if students wish to report anonymously, they can use SafeVoice as a way to speak up for their friends, the safety of their school or themselves.


SafeVoice has a hotline, mobile app and website to anonymously report threats to the safety or well-being of student.

How to access SafeVoice: 833-216-SAFE (7233), or by finding the app in Apple and Android devices.

More information on SafeVoice can be found here.

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