Nevada author, books, and cover place in top ten awards contest

The Fernley Reporter

Fernley author Mary Jean Kelso recently placed in the top ten Authors Category in the 20th annual Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll.

Besides the award for Best Author, Kelso’s books, “Alamo Annie” and “The Chick that couldn’t Scratch” tied for 5th place in the Best Children’s book division. The cover for Alamo Annie, composed by Graphic Design Editor Wendy Whiteman, placed 7th in overall Best Book Cover Artwork.

“While my work didn’t receive top billing, I am excited that it is listed in the top ten as a ‘Best’ in three different categories,” Kelso said.


Both books, new in 2017, are illustrated by the author.

Alamo Annie is a contemporary story about a child that feels she doesn’t belong. A trip to the Alamo during the gathering of the Alamo Defenders Descendants helps her accept herself. The activities presented by historical re-enactors teaches her about her ancestry.

The theme of “The Chick that couldn’t Scratch” shows that, at some point in life, one has to learn to “scratch” for their living themselves.

This year’s Annual Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll opened December 24 and ran through January 14. Watch for it next December around the same time.

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