One new COVID-19 case, one recovery in Lyon County reported Tuesday

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

The Quad-County Emergency Operations Center reported one new confirmed case of COVID-19 and one recovery of a previous case on Tuesday.

The new case is a man in his 50’s.

Lyon County has now had a total of 19 confirmed cases, with five of them recovered.


There was also a new case in Douglas County as well as a total of six recoveries in the region, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the Quad-County region to 62, with 24 recoveries.

The number of patients hospitalized due to COVID-19 also decreased from four to three on Monday.

In the Quad-County region, Carson City has now 28 total cases with 13 recoveries, Douglas County has 16 total cases with six recoveries, and Storey County has had no cases.

2 thoughts on “One new COVID-19 case, one recovery in Lyon County reported Tuesday

  • Why aren’t we told what cities in a particular county have positive cases??? I think it would ease the stress level a bit to know if when you go into the grocery store in your city, that out of all the cases in your county there are none in your city. It would ease the paranoia!!!

  • Kerry drennan

    It really be helpful if we knew where the cases are Lyon is dread out and if there were cases like in Fernley maybe the people would take better care, it seems that here in Fernley they think there is no problem , so many people out at all stores , on the street and in multiple groups, people aren’t social distancing here I’m almost afraid to go out just to get milk let alone tp where I still can’t gat any to good thing I got enough at Costco two months ago


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