NVC conducts monthly unaccompanied veterans’ military service

Nevada Army National Guardsmen Spc. Noah Jennings, left, and Cpl. Jesse Berry salute the ceremonial urns representing the three branches of service honored at April’s unaccompanied remains ceremony at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Ceremony.
The Nevada Veterans Coalition Honor Guard marches past volunteers holding the U.S. flag.

By Steve Ranson, Lahontan Valley News Editor Emeritus

The Nevada Veterans Coalition conducted a military service April 26 to honor seven veterans representing different branches of the military.

The monthly ceremony for unaccompanied remains takes place at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Ceremony in Fernley and is attended by guests and members of the community.

Narrator Sharon Serenko, a member of the NVC, said the ceremony recognizes the veterans and their service to their country.  She said the final ceremony for each man has been well earned and represents the struggles and sacrifices of military service.


“We pray when our time comes, we’ll hear what these veterans have heard,” she said.

Each unaccompanied ceremony includes the Patriot Guard Riders marching United States flags to the pavilion, a 3-volley salute, the playing of “Taps,” and a flag folding ceremony.

Cpl. Jesse Berry of the Nevada Army National Guard presents a folded flag to Chenoa Allee of Penn Valley, Calif.

The men, who were interred at an earlier time at NNVMC, included EN3 James Galloway, U.S. Navy; Pvt. First Class Earl Hulsey, U.S. Army; Pvt. First Class Paul Logan, U.S. Army; SN Jory Nordquist, U.S Coast Guard; AN James Oren, U.S. Navy; MMFN Leonard Pfeiffer, U.S. Navy; and Petty Officer 2 Jerry Wallen, U.S. Navy.

The NVC will conduct its 10th mission at the cemetery on May 11 by honoring 10 veterans whose remains have been in the care of Walton’s Funeral Home but have remained unclaimed.

Veterans representing different military service organizations attended Thursday’s service for seven men.

A motorcade will bring the remains from Sparks to Fernley where a military service with full honors will be performed.

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