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3,380 Wednesdays of marriage

Long before dates nights were in vogue, one Fernley couple was a regular each Wednesday evening at La Fiesta restaurant in Fernely. Now living at a local senior living community, dates nights for Gordon, 87 and Nola, 93 are typically spent in the dining room. For the couple’s 65th wedding anniversary, however, team members at Fernley Estates Senior Living recreated their original date night at La Fiesta, the same restaurant where they spent thousands of Wednesday evenings.

Fernley couple celebrates 65 years of marriage by recreating date night at local restaurant

Courtesy Fernley Estates

Long before date night was in vogue, Fernley residents Gordon and Nola Cox had a standing reservation each Wednesday night at La Fiesta restaurant in Fernley. Now in their twilight years – Gordon, 87 and Nola, 93 –  date nights take place at Fernley Estates Senior Living, where the couple lives. Last month, however, Fernley Estates team members partnered with La Fiesta restaurant to surprise the couple with a date night for their 65th wedding anniversary.

“Gordon and Nola are absolutely inspiring to watch any day,” said Tara Alto, the administrator at Fernley Estates. “They hold hands and still flirt with each other. Before each meal, the team members must wait for Nola to put on lipstick and fluff her hair for Gordon, even though he is blind. We were honored to recreate a moment in time that was special to them both.”

Team members arranged for Nola to have her hair and nails done at the community’s beauty salon and have flowers delivered to their room the morning of their anniversary, March 26. Dressed in their best, the couple climbed aboard the community’s transportation van and headed to La Fiesta.


As Fernley Estates’ driver, Bob Riley, pulled into La Fiesta’s parking lot, Gordon asked where they were.

“If you could go anywhere to eat, where would it be?” Riley answered.

“Well, I like La Fiesta,” Gordon replied.

“Well, that’s where we are, Gordon,” Riley said.

Gordon’s ordinarily very serious face transformed into a gorgeous grin, and Nola smiled beautifully. Throughout dinner, the couple could be seen holding hands. At times, Gordon was so overcome by emotion, his eyes filled up with tears, and he couldn’t speak; Nola’s beautiful smile remained all evening.

As an anniversary gift from La Fiesta, the couple can return for another date night, free of charge.

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