Nevada troopers being certified as Child Passenger Safety Technicians

Courtesy Nevada Highway Patrol

The Nevada Highway Patrol, through a grant from the Office of Traffic Safety, has started training all Nevada Highway Patrol cadets in the Highway Patrol Academy to be Child Passenger Safety Technicians. This is the first time the Highway Patrol Northern Academy has made this a requirement for cadets. The Nevada Highway Patrol is the only law enforcement agency in the State training officers to be Child Passenger Safety Technicians prior to reporting to their assigned duty station.

When training is complete, the troopers will be certified in the installation of all types of car seats/boosters, proper car seat positioning, height and weight requirements, and seating options for children with special needs. They will have participated in numerous practical training exercises as well as having passed both written and practical exams.

Safety for the motoring public is our #1 priority at the Highway Patrol, and reaching “Zero Fatalities” on our highways is our main focus. Having troopers certified in this important area can ensure that our children will stay safe and protected while traveling on Nevada’s highways.


The Nevada Highway Patrol applied for and received funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) through the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety. The funding amount is $30,000. This funding is to pay for the instructor costs, student certification, and related supplies. The goal of the funding is to train every NHP Cadet to the level of Car Seat Technician as identified by Safe Kids Worldwide.

Prior to the funding, NHP Troopers received familiarization training that gave them the knowledge to identify an improperly installed car seat, but not the certification to rectify the problem and install the car seat correctly. Certifying troopers as car seat technicians will ensure that Nevada will have car seat technicians in every community.

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