Letter to the editor

My name is Katie, and my family and I drove through your beautiful town last Monday. Unfortunately, our trunk opened, and items poured out while we drove through the intersection (near Raleys). We turned around to get them, and while waiting, noticed this person get out of his car to gather our things. At first, we thought he was helping us, and soon realized he was taking our things. I have it on video, and the hope was that your residents could identify him / the car. He almost looks like a child?? Our kids were heartbroken to see their items taken away, but above all, it’s less about the stuff, and more the principle of stealing.

Here is the video. Could you share with Fernley residents in an effort to identify who did this? Ideally, if he still has all of our new cowboy hats we got for a family wedding, we’d love them back 😉

Note: I did file a citizen report, & am waiting to hear back from the deputy. I figured this being shared with local Fernley residents would be the quickest way to identify the offender. Thanks so much

If you have any information on this, please contact Jason at


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