Letter to the editor

Dear Sir,

Around 3 months ago the postal carrier came to my door as it had been done each month previously, this time I went out to sign for my narcotics delivery this time I was told I didn’t need to sign. I said that does not sound right!  So the next month no 1st notice so I contacted the VA and let them know I had not received my meds and shortly after I called the VA I received a final notice from the Post Office. This month again no 1st notice so I went into the VA Reno and found out the post office received my package on the 16th. I got the tracking number from the VA on the 19th went to the post office to get my meds and was told that the post office no lounger delivers packages that requires a signature. I requested to file a complaint left my number with no call. Also I waited for a medical machine and it was returned as unknown. I’m a disabled veteran will be 67 next month and have cancer. I try to follow COVID-19 guidelines and only go out only when I can’t get things delivered.
Thank you
John Navarra

One thought on “Letter to the editor

  • Gloria N

    This is the kind of thing that trump is causing. He has already signed a order to take away social security, when he was at Maralogo .Then medicare is after that. All I can say is hold on to your hat. The sad reality 😞 most will say fake news what are you going to do when it happens.


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