Justice Court, Sheriff’s substation upgrades included in Lyon County ARPA allocations


Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

The Lyon County Commission on April 14 allocated more than $1.8 million for the expansions of the Fernley Justice Court and Lyon County Sheriff’s Substation in Fernley, as part of a total of $6.1 million in allocations of American Rescue Plan Acts.

The Commission had received requests adding up to more than $16.5 million, but had $6,162,143 to allocate. Each proposer was provided ten minutes to present their need to the Board. The Board then deliberated to develop a list of allocated funding. Three entities were denied as their projects did not meet the requirements of the ARPA guidelines.

A handful of requests were fully funded, but many requests that were funded were allocated at a lesser amount than requested.


The North Lyon County Fire Protection District had requested $402,662 for an ambulance, but was allotted $300,000.

The City of Fernley will receive $350,000 for the Community Response & Rescource Center, part of the community center project. The city had requested $500,000.

The largest allocation was the Fernley Justice Court and Sheriff substation expansion, which the Commission granted $1,824,106.59. Lyon County Comptroller Josh Foli had requested $4.4 million for the project.

Among other allocations, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office requested $68,673.94 for two drones and was allocated $34,336.97, and requested $137,907.16 for four motorcycles, and was approved for $68,953.58.

The second largest allocated was $1 million for the Mound House Community center.

The biggest surprise was that a request of $299,000 for the expansion of the Dayton food pantry was denied, but Foli said the money must be spent by Dec. 31, 2024, and he said there is no guarantee the facility would be up and running by then.

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