Fernley man shows off restored VW bug

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

Ernest Duarte’s first vehicle was a 1934 pickup.

His new ride may not go back that far, but it does take him back to days gone by.

Fifteen months ago, Duarte bought a 1968 Volkswagen bug for $150. A little imagination and a lot of work later, Duarte has turned it into a combination hot rod front and VW back.


He remade the frame, building it about 18 inches longer than the original design, and adjusted the headers, put in a new floor and made the instrument panel.

The result “goes like hell,” says the 80-year-old Duarte.

Duarte just got the license plates June 9 enabling him to drive it on the road. He still plans to do more work on the interior and the dash, but he was excited to take it to the Winnemucca Wheels Car Show, July 21 and 22 and he plans to show it off at many other car shows, including Hot August Nights.

“I feel 28 years old again,” he said.

Reporting and photos by Michael Michaelsen, for the Fernley Reporter

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