City, county officials open marijuana dialogue

The Fernley Reporter

City of Fernley officials met today with officials from Lyon County, and the City of Yerington to discuss how to implement requirements under the recently passed Nevada Question 2, the initiative to regulate and tax marijuana.

Fernley City Manager Daphne Hooper and Yerington City Manager Dan Newell were among the group that included County Manager Jeff Page, Lyon County County Community Development Department, City of Fernley and Yerington Community Development Departments, the District Attorney’s Office, City Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Office and Yerington Police Department.

Issues they discussed included zoning of retail stores, cultivation facilities, manufacturing facilities and testing facilities; questions about business licenses and regulating facilities versus allowing personal cultivation.


Page said the consensus was to proceed with local regulation to ensure public health and safety issues are addressed and properly managed. Each jurisdiction’s local governing boards will be looking to adopt ordinances addressing zoning and other aspects of implementing Question 2.

Page also said the respective jurisdictions will continue to meet to develop a uniformed and consistent system to support a safe and properly regulated marijuana industry in Lyon County and its two incorporated cities.

Lyon County anticipates draft language for ordinance proposal after the first of the year.

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