WNC offers late-start classes beginning Oct. 26

McKayla Celedon works in an American Sign Language class at Western Nevada College in Carson City, Nev., on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017. Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Photo Source

Courtesy Steve Yingling, Western Nevada College

There is no need to delay taking classes until next year at Western Nevada College.

WNC has you covered with a variety of late-start classes during the current fall semester.

These classes are almost exclusively offered online starting on Oct. 26 and ending the week before the Christmas holidays, but there are a few exceptions. Build your schedule with classes including communication, education, management, CISCO Technologies, blueprint reading, golf, political science, American Sign Language, and counseling and personal development.


Here are the late-start classes that WNC is offering this fall — all of which will begin in either October of November (in person classes are noted):

• Intro to Group Communication (COM 215) beginning Oct. 26

• Counseling and Personal Development, Career Choices & Changes (CPD 123) beginning Oct. 26

• Cisco Technologies class, CCNA Routing Protocols (CSCO 121), sessions offered in person and on web starting Oct. 26-Dec. 16

• Early Childhood Education: Observation Skills (ECE 122) and Principles of Child Guidance (ECE 204) beginning Oct. 26

• Education classes: Nevada School Law (EDU 210) and Teachers Technology (EDU 214) starting Oct. 26

• Recreation and Physical Education: Golf (PEX 117) — Offered Nov. 11-30 at the Ranch Course at Genoa Lakes Golf Club

• Human Development and Family Studies (Lifespan Human Development HDFS 201) beginning Oct. 26

• Management classes, Principles of Management (MGT 201) and Fundamentals of Management Theory Practice (MGT 310) beginning Oct. 26

• Political Science, Nevada Constitution (PSC 100) starting Oct. 26

• American Sign Language, ASL II (AM 146) beginning Oct. 26

• Blueprint Reading for Industry (DFT 110) offered in person Nov. 17-30

• Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BIOL 223) offered in person with some lab work beginning Oct. 26. Note: There are prerequisites for this course.

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