WNC has money to help you pay for college

Courtesy Steve Yingling, Western Nevada College

The Legislature has increased the amount of funding available to help Nevadans earn a college education. More than $400,000 is available to individuals attending WNC through the Silver State Opportunity Grant and other programs.

The increased financial aid will enable WNC to fund more than double the students attending college this fall compared to a year ago. In many cases, students will have their class fees (with enough funds for books) covered by SSOG. They can receive as much as $5,500 for the school year.

However, students must not wait to take advantage of the financial aid available in this need-based program.


“WNC is here to help students accomplish their goals and financial aid funds are still available,” WNC’s Director of Financial Assistance JW Lazzari said. “Individuals who are interested in enrolling should not delay and complete the enrollment and financial aid checklists as soon as possible. The college’s student-centered approach, financial aid availability and increased online class sections make enrolling and earning a degree extremely possible!”

The Legislature’s higher education initiative is aimed at helping students work less so they can graduate sooner and assist the state in becoming more educated.

“We are experiencing a revolution in higher education and Nevada is moving in the right direction,” Lazzari said. “The Legislature and governor have allocated additional financial aid funds to help students find ways to attend and complete college.”

Students must enroll in at least 15 units to be eligible for the SSOG. For those who are working and have been taking fewer units, WNC’s enhanced online offerings will give them the flexibility to attend college full time and still meet their family and work obligations.

To become eligible for SSOG, students must apply for FAFSA, apply to WNC, take a placement test, meet with a counselor and attend an orientation session.

WNC also has other institutional funding available to students.

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