TRIC owner responds to ‘unhinged,’ ‘overly emotional attack’ by Laxalt consultant against Lance Gilman

Editor’s note: This is a statement from Don Roger Norman on Adam Laxalt’s spokesperson’s attack against Lance Gilman in a recent Nevada Newsmakers article. Gilman’s statement in support of Democratic gubernatorail candidate Steve Sisolak and the response by Robert Uithoven, the gubernatorial campaign consultant of Laxalt, are also published on this website

By Don Roger Norman

During my time as owner of the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, I’ve had the privilege of working with many people, from all walks of life, and from all over the world. One person I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with, is Lance Gilman. I make this statement in response to the unhinged and overly emotional attack by Adam Laxalt’s spokesperson, published today in the Nevada Newsmakers.

For Attorney General Laxalt to attack Mr. Gilman is pathetic. Lance has done more for the state of Nevada in the past 12 months than Laxalt has in his entire life. Lance marketed and closed the real estate deals that brought the South Meadows Double Diamond development into reality and all of the jobs that come with a major development into the state. Over the last 20 years, Lance marketed and closed every single deal of ours at TRI bringing 150 companies, including global tech giants like Tesla, Switch, Google, and Blockchains into Northern Nevada. Additionally, Lance created a major global internet fulfillment cluster here at TRI with Zulily and, both of which now have massive operating facilities. On the contrary, I’ve seen little to no contributions to our economy and the overall prosperity in the State from Mr. Laxlalt. He’s never run a company, never had to meet payroll, never had to put his own money into the ground here. All he’s ever done in Nevada is swoop into our State a few years ago and run for office.


During the past several months, I have been witness to the work being done by Mr. Laxalt’s office as it pertains to the sexual assault and rape allegations against Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro. Laxalt claims that his office has done a thorough investigation of the matter, and I can assure you that this is not the case. His office did not interview the two women who claimed they were raped, nor did they interview the officers who took the initial reports of rape – both significant omissions of what should have been a thorough and comprehensive investigation. Laxalt’s office also never interviewed Antinoro’s subordinates who testified that Antinoro bragged to them about the incidents.  We also understand Laxalt’s office did not even pick up the phone to ask Antinoro a single question. Without these interviews, how can the investigation be considered complete?

One of Antinoro’s accusers gave sworn testimony a few weeks ago in a deposition, with Antinoro’s attorney present, and stated that Antinoro, along with three other individuals, raped her in Lodi, California, using duct tape, knocking her unconscious in the process. She testified this crime occurred in the last few years. The AG’s office has this transcript and refuses to act.

We’ve been told by Laxalt’s office all of the information can be found in public records. However, Sheriff Handte, a Laxalt critic, requested those public records multiple times within the last month.  In all cases, he was told by Laxalt’s office the records would be produced sometime in February or March of 2019. That timeline is an insult to these victims and the work being done to give them the justice they deserve.

If Mr. Laxalt can’t do his job as Attorney General, how can he be a good Governor?

The bottom line: if Laxalt wants to compare himself and his contributions to this state in his short time here in Nevada to Lance Gilman, it’s no contest. Laxalt is just another ‘Johnny come lately,’ while Lance has spent four decades devoted to growing the Nevada economy.

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