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Three FIS students win Fernley Republican Women literacy contest


Back row: Amy Dickson, Susan Knodell, Carol Franich, Judy Williams, Anita Trone and Pam Martinez
Front row: 2nd Place Yesenia Marquez, 3rd Place Emerlynn Roscoe and 1st Place Ainsley Blackorby

The Fernley Republican Women held a writing contest as part of its literacy program. Students who wished to participate were tasked with creating a written piece on the topic, “Why it is Important for Americans to Vote?”

When the contest was over Fernley Intermediate School had the honor of having three winners of the contest. Third place went to Emerlynn Roscoe who received a $20 gift card from Steve’s Ice Cream. Second place went to Yesenia Marquez who received a $30 Amazon gift card. First place went to Ainsley Blackorby who received a $50 Amazon gift card.

Fernley Intermediate would like to thank Anita Trone, Judy Williams, Susan Knodell, Carol Franich, Peggy Gray and all the members of the Fernley Republican Women’s group for giving our students the opportunity to take part in their literacy program.

One thought on “Three FIS students win Fernley Republican Women literacy contest

  • Yesenia Marquez

    Oh my goodness I am so grateful I won 2nd place! This year I am in 6th grade, and I am entering another easy contest “How Can I Be A Good American?” Wish me luck!!!!!


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