Students to celebrate National Speech and Debate Education Day at Nevada Legislature

The Fernley Reporter

In celebration of National Speech and Debate Education Day on Friday, March 3, high school and college students from across the state will be spending the day at the Nevada Legislature, talking with elected officials about the importance of speech and debate education.

Students from McQueen, Reno, Fernley, Meadows, Sage Ridge, Northern Nevada Homeschools, Hug High School, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas will tour the capitol grounds and meet with a number of elected officials, including legislators that have a background in speech and debate – Assembly Majority Leader Teresa Benitez-Thompson, Assembly Member Amber Joiner, Senator Yvanna Cancela, and Senator Nicole Cannizzaro.

“Speech and debate is life changing,” said Devon Reese, McQueen Debate Coach.  “It’ teaches students how to be active participants in our democratic institutions. The critical skills they learn are an invaluable component of civic engagement.”


The day is designed to bring awareness to the value of speech and debate activities, and also introduce students to the legislative process and their elected officials.

“It’s important for students to meet with their legislators, especially those that are former competitors, because they may someday occupy the same offices and students need to see themselves in their elected officials.,” said Reese.

To learn more about National Speech and Debate Education Day, visit
National Speech and Debate Education Day

Nevada Legislature
10:30 a.m. Students arrive at Nevada Legislature
11 a.m. Assembly Floor
11:30 a.m. Senate Floor
1 p.m. Tour of Building and Capitol Grounds



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