Silverland 7th grade boys track wins Sagebrush championship


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The Silverland Middle School 7th grade boys track team won the Sagebrush League championship, highlighting a successful season for the Silverland track teams.

More than 120 athletes participated throughout the season. With so many athletes participating this year, the team was able to bring aboard another coach, and head coach Lori Rieger said Jordan King was a welcome addition to the season.

Many athletes improved throughout the season with personal bests on their times, throws and jumps. This year’s competition was elevated by having several non-league teams invited to the meets.


Along with the 7th grade boys championship, the 7th grade girls and 8th grade girls finished in second place, while the 8th grade boys finished third.

Coach Rieger, Coach Summers and Coach King are very proud of their accomplishments.

The HEX meet was held in Dayton, with a great showing from the team’s six athletes. The majority of the participants are 8th graders, but Silverland had two 7th graders compete this year.

The HEX events are shot put, high jump, 100m hurdles, 100m dash, 400m dash and 1600m run. These events are extremely taxing, all done within a few hours. Individual events are awarded first place and then all the participants are then ordered overall.

Karli Burns scored first place in the shot put and the hurdles, and placed second overall.

“A great accomplishment,” Rieger said.

Willow Jacobson, a 7th grader, placed fourth overall.

“(We’re) looking for great things from her next year,” Rieger said

Alexis Leija scored 17th overall as a first time trackster.

For the Silverland boys, Joe Mendoza, a 7th grader, was a medal winner with an outstanding achievement placing eighth overall.

David Sisneros took an individual first place in the shot put and finished 11th overall, and Rieger said he keeps improving.

Jonah Turner placed 17th.

“He performed well, despite the fact that he was injured,” Rieger said. “Another wonderful season filled with success.”

Photo courtesy Lori Rieger
Karli Burns, Willow Jacobson, Alexis Leija, Joe Mendoza, Davis Sisneros and Jonah Turner competed in the Sagebrush League HEX meet.

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