Silver Springs officer involved shooting victim identified

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

The man killed in the Sept. 2 officer involved shooting in Silver Springs has been identified by the Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office as Robert Anderson, 43, of North Highlands, Calif.

Anderson was killed after an altercation with deputies who were responding to a pair of 911 calls reporting domestic battery.

According to the LCSO, deputies responded to the 3000 block of 2nd Street in Silver Springs at 6:48 p.m. Sept. 2. LCSO charges that the deputies who arrived were attacked by a man and shot him. The man was pronounced dead at the scene, while one deputy sustained minor injuries and was transported to the hospital.


No additional information on the case has been released. The case is being investigated by the Nevada Division of Investigations and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Forensics team.

4 thoughts on “Silver Springs officer involved shooting victim identified

  • Roy Terry

    The Officers were not attacted , The Testimony and all Evidence is There, The Memories of that Poor 13 Year old Boys life is destroyed Watching his Dads Death by UNAUTHORIZED FORCE on his Birthday Will remain the Truth and with Roberts Daughter Hearing him die and seeing him Will never be justified , Freedom of Speach ! Honesty and Do what is Right should be Reinforced , The Truth will be Reveiled no matter What ! We are all Judged When the Real Truth is covered Up !

    • Jacy Peters

      More lies by local crack heads. The man was a total wack job living in a cease pool. He was a wife and child beater and had serious mental problems. He did attack the deputy and they did what they were trained to do. Roy Terry is another problem person in the area his post here is clearly showing his lack of information and just hate for police.

      • Dawn Gentle

        Jacy, did you know the people that this happened to?

        • Roy Terry

          Roberts death was ruled Honocide due to multiple Shots to the Chest on Robert Anderson’s Death Certificate , Now Justice needs Served , This Macy statement is wrong , she get a ear full pertaining to Dishonest wrong Info People do on a wrongful Death that wasn’t told right and Accurate ! I lived there , Evidence doesn’t like Where he was shot and Person Evidence never lies but Officers did , we need True Justice Now !


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