Retroactive diplomas available to those who failed proficiency exams

Courtesy Lyon County School District

Did you miss out on your high school diploma because of HSPE exams?

Retroactive high school diplomas can now be requested for Nevada students who were denied a diploma because of one or more failed High School Proficiency Exams (HSPE)!

Up until this past school year, HSPE assessments in reading, writing, math and science were required for graduation from a Nevada high school.  New legislation has done away with HSPE requirements for graduation, and therefore, any student who was denied a high school diploma in the past due to failed HSPE exams can now request a diploma from the high school they attended.


To start your process please contact your former high school:

In order to receive a retroactive diploma, the student must have fulfilled all credits to be considered a graduate and the only barrier to a high school diploma was one or more failed HSPE exams.

One thought on “Retroactive diplomas available to those who failed proficiency exams

  • I think proficiency exams are in place to show whether or not a student is proficient.


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