NV Energy offers its customers free, in-home energy assessments and smart thermostats

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 As temperatures continue to drop, NV Energy reminds its customers to schedule their free in-home energy assessment if they haven’t already done so this year. This no-cost appointment will help them save energy and money.

An NV Energy PowerShift energy advisor will visit a customer’s home, apartment or mobile home and provide personalized energy-saving recommendations. During the assessment, the customer’s energy use and billing history will be reviewed. This is followed by a walk-thru of the residence to evaluate the efficiency of appliances along with systems that consume energy.

“Heating and cooling typically accounts for 50 percent of a home’s energy costs. With a free in-home energy assessment by a PowerShift energy advisor, customers can see how and where they’re using energy and identify ways to save money on their monthly bills. It will also help to ensure their heating system is working as efficiently as possible especially during this time of year,” said Pat Egan, Senior Vice President of Customer Operations. “We also want to remind our customers to adjust their thermostats before departing for their holiday travel. It’s even easier with our free Smart Thermostats that let them make adjustments with our convenient mobile app or online portal.”


Assessment Information:

  • The assessment takes about one hour to complete and includes an evaluation of:
    • heating and air conditioning equipment, appliances, water heating, insulation levels, equipment filters
    • pools and spas
    • pumps and motors associated with the energy usage of the home
  • Upon completion, the PowerShift energy advisor provides a written evaluation and discusses recommendations that help reduce energy use and lower power bills.

To Schedule an Appointment:

Free Smart Thermostats from NV Energy help its customers save about $100 a year on energy bills. They’re available for homes and apartments with central air conditioning and internet service. Once installed, it’s easy to adjust the thermostat anytime, anywhere from a computer, smart-phone or tablet through an online portal or mobile application.

Customers who don’t have a Smart Thermostat but want to take advantage of the free service and installation can sign up online through NV Energy’s MyAccount or call the Smart Thermostat Customer Care team toll free at 855-676-9373 or email:


  • 50 percent of an energy bill goes toward cooling and heating a home.
  • In the cold months, set the thermostat to 68 degrees when home and between 55-68 degrees when you’re not home.

For additional information on how to participate in any PowerShift by NV Energy service visit

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