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New volunteer organization aims to fight domestic violence

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

A guilty verdict was handed down last week in Third Judicial District Court in a domestic violence murder case, and two other such trials are scheduled.

Those outcomes are the worst case scenario when it comes to domestic violence.

That’s why a group of Fernley residents are attempting to start the Zero Domestic Violence Organization.


Zero Domestic Violence is an all volunteer organization that currently has eight volunteers and is looking for more.

The group is holding its first volunteer meeting Tuesday, Sept. 19 at the Fernley Fire Department, at 195 E Main Street. The organization strives to reduce violence (domestic, sexual, family and elder abuse), and provides resources, education and support to the victims, and intervention for the perpetrators. The organization will provide every victim with complete confidentially.

“Nevada consistently ranks first in the nation for domestic violence fatalities, said Zero Domestic Violence volunteer Lynda Geidl. “There are 20 to 30 domestic violence cases per month in Fernley, and this is only the reported ones. There is a great need to help victims become survivors.”

Since this is a start-up organization there are needs for volunteer in all areas. Below are areas volunteers are needed:

  • Administrative: Secretary, Treasurer and Volunteer Administrator
  • Transportation: to and from appointments, court hearings and relocating a victim
  • Childcare: during court hearings, appointments and whatever is needed by the victim to get out of their situation and go forward with their life
  • Community Outreach
  • Community Donation Coordinator
  • Victim Advocates: helps victims through every step of the process
  • Legal: pursuing 501c3 tax exempt status and temporary protection orders
  • Grant Writers
  • Animal Shelter: to keep a pet safe while a victim is seeking safety in a time of need
  • Internet Support: develop website and maintain and internet research
  • Mentors: spiritual, parent and grandparents

“Domestic Violence is not isolated to households and families,” Geidl said. “It affects us all. Everyone has the right to be safe from threats and violence. Help us stand up and speak out for victims and demand zero tolerance to domestic violence.”

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  • Joselene Rocha

    Did this organization get off the ground? Is there a contact number I can have? I am gathering phone numbers for a project.
    Thank you


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