Nevada Donor Network launches statewide birth tissue donation program for expecting mothers

Nevada Donor Network (NDN) is pleased to announce the launch of their statewide birth tissue donation program. The placenta and umbilical cord formed during pregnancy are typically discarded after birth – but thanks to the new program offered by NDN, expecting mothers with a scheduled cesarean delivery now have an opportunity to donate these healing tissues for transplant and research. Special cells contained within donated birth tissues can be used to stimulate healing, reduce pain and speed up recovery times for various needs ranging from diabetic wound coverings to surgical procedures and more.

“One of life’s most joyous moments now has the potential to spread even more hope and happiness,” said Nevada Donor Network President and CEO, Joe Ferreira. “Through our birth tissue donation program, expecting mothers are able to give the gift of healing to others when they bring their own precious gift into the world. This program is a prime example of our continued commitment to expanding possibilities across Nevada on behalf of those we serve all over the world. We are proud Nevadans for Nevada.”

Dr. Sheldon Paul, OBGYN with Women’s Health Associates of Southern Nevada and Nevada Donor Network’s Birth Tissue Medical Director, echoes this excitement. “It is a pleasure to be part of making it possible for moms to save and heal lives across Nevada and beyond,” said Dr. Paul. “After all, they are some of the world’s strongest and bravest human beings. Birth tissue donation is one more way to show what true heroes they are.”

On Monday, August 5 at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, a mom and her newest baby girl became the first duo to donate placental and umbilical cord tissues as part of the new program.


For more information about Nevada Donor Network’s birth tissue donation program, please visit

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