NDOT activates permanent traffic signal at USA Parkway ramp

Courtesy Nevada Department of Transportation

On Tuesday, June 4, the Nevada Department of Transportation will activate new, permanent traffic signals at the top of the westbound I-80 and USA Parkway ramp.

Between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tuesday, June 4, traffic flaggers will be stationed to guide traffic through the intersection as the permanent signal is activated, with minor travel delays anticipated.

Aimed at providing designated turns onto USA Parkway and helping reduce potential traffic back-ups onto the interstate, the permanent traffic signals replace temporary traffic signals installed last year.


The permanent traffic signals are in the same location as the previous temporary traffic signals, but use underground traffic detection loops to sense traffic and activate the signal as opposed to radar detection used in the temporary signal. Once the permanent signals are activated, motorists will travel through the intersection in the same manner as they did with the temporary signals.

As part of the project, interstate ramps are also being extended and widened on the western half of the interchange, providing safer and easier merges for vehicles traveling between Reno-Sparks and the USA Parkway. The USA Parkway on ramp to westbound I-80 will also be widened from a one-lane to two-lane ramp, and an approximately 1,800 merge lane added for easier and safer access to merge onto I-80 toward Reno-Sparks. An additional 1,700-foot exit-only lane will also be added at the base of the eastbound I-80 off ramp to USA Parkway.

Drivers will continue to see single lane and ramp closures near the I-80 and USA Parkway interchange from 8 p.m.-4 a.m. Monday evenings through Saturday mornings through August. During ramp closures, nearby detours will be available via the Patrick interchange and Waltham Way. Interstate travel speeds will be reduced to 55 mph during lane closures.

The approximate $6 million project by Ames Construction, Inc. is anticipated to complete in August.

As traffic increases with enhanced development at the Reno-Tahoe Industrial Center, NDOT is also evaluating potential regional interstate improvements in future years.  State road project information is available at or by dialing (775) 888-7000

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