Naomi Irion investigation: Sheriff’s Office seeks help identifying vehicle

5:20 p.m. update

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office says it has identified the driver of the vehicle that pulled into the Walmart parking lot shortly before Naomi Irion was kidnapped.

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has issued a notice requesting help from the public to identify a vehicle that was in the Walmart parking lot at the time Naomi Irion was kidnapped.


The 4-door sedan enters the east Walmart parking lot at approximately 5:15 a.m. on the morning of March 12. It then drives around the median on the east side before parking at the southeast corner of the Walmart building. The vehicle is seen parked with its headlights on for a period of time and the suspect in this case is seen walking directly in front of this parked vehicle.

The sheriff’s Office also provided three images that show the vehicle and its parking location on the morning of March 12.

If you have any information on this vehicle and or the occupant(s), please send an email to and put “Walmart Witness Vehicle” in the subject line. This will allow them to reply in a timely fashion as they are currently receiving hundreds of direct and secret witness tips daily. If you are the occupant, of this vehicle, please call Lyon County dispatch at (775) 463-6620 and have them forward you to the cellphone of a Lyon County Detective.

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