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“Mutton Bustin’” at the Senior Pro Rodeo Aug. 13

Mutton Bustin” at the Senior Pro Rodeo Aug. 13

Joseph Maino The Fernley Reporter

The crowd roars as the “Mutton Buster”steps into the chute and settles down on the animal. The gate opens. Instead of a rough and tough cowboy on a bucking bull, a small, 6 year old child holds tight to the back of a sheep sprinting across the arena as other children in the crowd cheer-on their favorite rider.

The mutton buster is a little girl or boy between 4 and 6 years old and weighs less than 60 pounds. All children wear protective gear including a protective vest and a helmet with a metal face guard on the front. Winners must stay on the sheep for at least 6 seconds.


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