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Military funeral planned for 15 unclaimed veterans

The Nevada Veterans Coalition ceremonial rifle team march into position in front of the Patriot Guard Riders at the March military service for unaccompanied remains.
Steve Ranson / LVN

The Fernley Reporter

The Nevada Veterans Coalition is conducting its 17th mission of the Missing in Nevada project at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery on Friday, April 12 by honoring 15 veterans whose remains have been in the care of a local mortuary, yet remained unclaimed.

The remains have been in care of Mountain View Mortuary in Reno.

This is the first Missing in Nevada service with full military honors since January. Every month, though, the NVC conducts a military service for veterans’ unaccompanied remains.


At the March service, the NVC recognized Army Cpl. Robert Matteson and Navy DSKN 1 Corrine Stahl. More than 50 people attended the serve in a windy March afternoon.

Brett Palmer, right, of the Nevada Veterans Coalition talks to Courtenay Burns after she accepts the flag after the March military service at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley.
Steve Ranson / LVN

The April services will begin at 2 p.m. at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley.

The following veterans will be honored:

MaClain Hamilton, (1912-1976), U.S. Navy, March 1951–Jan. 1953, Korea.

Eino Karpinen, (1915-1975), U.S. Navy, Sept. 1942–Oct. 1945, WWII.

Robert Mackenzie, (1902-1980), U.S. Army, Oct. 1942-March 1943, WWII.

Paul McBride, (1960-1983), U.S. Army, May 1979-March 1982, Cold War.

James McGregor, (1921-1981), U.S. Army, Feb. 1941-Nov. 1945, WWII/Purple Heart.

Jesse McWilliams, (1917-1987), U.S. Army, Dec 1938-July 1945, WWII.

George Miller, (1895-1984), U.S. Army, June 1918-Jan. 1919, WWI.

Ralph Moore, (1904-1988), U.S. Army, Oct. 1942-Jan. 1943, WWII.

William Moorhead, (1910-1986), U.S. Navy, April 1942-Dec. 1945, WWII.

Jimmy Naves/Tadlock, (1925-1985), Oct. 1943-Feb. 1944, WWII.

Robert Overton, (1916-1978), U.S. Army, Dec. 1942-Nov. 1945, WWII.

Pete Parisena, (1925-1988), U.S. Navy, Nov. 1943- Dec. 1945, WWII.

Walter Parker, (1910-1983), U.S. Navy, May 1929-Aug. 1958, WWII/Korea.

Harold Peterson, (1931-1990), U.S. Air Force, Nov. 1949 – Sept. 1953, WWII.

James Peterson (1911-1985), U.S. Army/USAF, Dec. 1940-May 1949, WWII.

The NVC and local funeral homes have relied on National Personnel Records Center [NPRC] and their vast team of researchers; NVC members countless number of volunteer hours; the NVC Honor Guard and various other escorts; and the staff at NNVMC for guiding volunteers through the proper procedures to get these veterans home where they belong.

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