Lyon County’s 16th COVID-19 case, third recovery announced Saturday

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

One new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Lyon County and one recovery was announced Saturday by the Quad-County Emergency Operations Center, bringing the total of confirmed cases in Lyon County to 16, with three recoveries.

In addition, Quad-County EOC announced one new case in Douglas County, bringing the total in the Quad-County region to 59. Of those, 15 have recovered, 44 are still active and there have been no deaths. There are still three Quad-County residents hospitalized due to COVID-19.

The new Lyon County case is a woman in her 60’s.


4 thoughts on “Lyon County’s 16th COVID-19 case, third recovery announced Saturday

  • Valencia

    I don’t care about anything but my grandchildren life. If Fernley open back up more and more people will come here and bring virus with them. Coronavirus is going up every day and the home stay order is not working. People don’t care!!!

    • Edith Lamun

      Your right. People are still hanging out with others and exposing those of us that are following the advice. My family won’t wear mask or gloves even though I do. That’s why we are still being exposed. If I get it there is no chance I will survive.

  • S. Miller

    I wish we knew what towns the cases were in so we knew better what the threat level is in our town.

    • I agree with you. We should be aware how close it is and the density.


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