Lyon County working to improve code enforcement ordinance

Lyon County community development director Louis Cariola presents to the County Commission during Monday’s Code Enforcement Workshop. (Photo courtesy of Lyon County)

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

Beginning with a workshop held Monday, the Lyon County Commission is in the process of gathering information to be used to draft an ordinance to improve the county’s code enforcement.

The County Commission hosted a workshop Monday to discuss the current code enforcement process as well as hear staff recommendations and public comment on proposed improvements.

Community development director Louis Cariola said the county is looking for way to make code enforcement function better.


“The goal is not the collection of fines or to be overly regulatory,” Cariola said.

Code enforcement inspects and enforces the Lyon County Code as it applies to public nuisances, improper use of property zoning, illegal connection to or lack of utilities, construction without building permits, and other public safety issues. The County’s code enforcement policy is to achieve voluntary compliance with reported and discovered code violations.

Lyon County Code Enforcement opens and closes approximately 30 cases every month with a typical closure rate of 80%. At any specific point in time, approximately 200 cases are active.

Lyon County Community Development department collaborates closely with the District Attorney’s Office, Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and the four fire protection districts to identify the appropriate resolution on a case-by-case basis, prioritizing violations that present an imminent threat to the public health and safety or the environment. Lyon County Human Services Case Managers are also involved to assist residents with mental health and basic needs.

Lyon County Community Development will utilize the information and feedback shared during Monday’s workshop to draft a proposed ordinance and present draft language to the regional Citizen Advisory Boards and Planning Commission before coming back to the Board of County Commissioners for possible adoption.

To File a Code Enforcement Complaint Code enforcement complaints may be reported by completing a complaint online. For additional assistance with the Complaint Form or if you have further questions, contact Code Enforcement Office at (775) 344-8326.

2 thoughts on “Lyon County working to improve code enforcement ordinance

  • Jack Kursed

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    Lawsuits coming to Fernley code enforcement. Code enforcement doesn’t really exist in Fernley unless your a resident. Business are getting away with anything they want knowing full well Code Enforcement will do nothing.
    Even after the city attorney and Mayor were made aware of the explosive issue, they Refused to even inspect the work with Gas Lines the plumber did.
    They did find residents 164 cars to tag n tow last year though. This story is in process of getting much bigger. Stay Tuned

  • Jack Kursed

    As a reporter Robert Perea, you might want to pay attention to this story being played out in Fernley right now.

    Code Enforcers tag & tow 164 vehicles last year said the Mayor, via The Fernley Reporter

    Code Enforcers Refused to Inspect a violation of Code Upgrades regarding a Water Heater install by Local Plumber. Property Managers refused to allow Code Upgrades to be installed.

    Mayor’s office only question was, Did you file report.

    City Attorney is aware as he was CC emails.

    Plenty of Evidence to support the Lawsuits that are in process. Contact Me if You Want more Info including emails and texts


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