Lyon County focuses on recovery from recent flood events

Yerington – According to the California Nevada River Forecast Center, the Walker River in Yerington and Mason Valley has maintained at or below action stage for over two weeks. Based on the decreasing river forecasts, Lyon County is shifting focus toward recovery and clean up from the recent flood events. Lyon County appreciates the community’s patience while staff work to remove debris and repair damaged roads on a priority basis over the coming weeks.

County officials continue to thank Peri and Sons Farms, Walker River Irrigation District, Lyon County staff, and all community agencies that took action to prevent major flooding in the City of Yerington.

Sandbag Disposal for Private Property Owners

Lyon County applauds residents and the community for taking proactive measures to prepare for potential flooding, including gathering necessary supplies and sandbagging personal property. Residents should safely remove plastic sheeting and sandbags used to temporarily protect properties from floodwaters. Individuals are encouraged to empty and reuse sand or fill material in gardens or yards and dispose of used sandbags in the trash. Check with your local waste management agencies for possible disposal sites. Lyon County does not remove sandbags on private property. Please do not dump sandbags in creeks, rivers, canals, ditches, or storm water drains.


Additional community preparedness information is available on the 2023 Flood Information page of the Lyon County website.

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