Letter to the Editor

Early in the morning of January 21, 2017, I suffered a massive heart attack. As I was being rushed to Renown Hospital, I could vaguely hear the ambulance attendant describing my condition to the emergency room team waiting to receive my person strapped on a gurney. Major medical procedures were employed to save my life, including placing stents in my arteries. I was intubated and heavily sedated for the first fourteen days. When I could finally assimilate the evidence of my senses, my wife, Anita, was caressing my forehead – her sister, Jan, from Missouri, at her side.

After being hospitalized for twenty-one days, I was transferred to Advanced Health Care for rehabilitation. I spent twelve days there before having a setback that sent me back to Renown Hospital for three more days. During that stay, they put a defibrillator/pacemaker in my chest to keep my heart beating correctly. Then, back to Advanced Health Care for rehabilitation for another twenty three days.

The purpose of this note is to acknowledge and appreciate the mail bag full of get well wishes I received from so many friends and relatives from Fernley, Fallon and elsewhere. The thoughts, prayers, emails, cards and visits were as medicinal as my treatment plan.

After two months, I am finally home. Thank you all for caring.
Orlis Trone,




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