Letter to the editor

Dear Reader,

Do you sometimes think: “How can I make the world better?”

There is an opportunity for you to help families in your community that does not cost you any money. You can help non-English speaking parents with learning our language so that they can help their school-aged children with homework and other school activities. These children then have an opportunity to succeed in their school environment and beyond into adulthood. What better way to influence the future of our country?

You do not need to speak another language nor have teaching experience to volunteer as an ESL tutor and it’s a minimal time commitment, only 1-2 hours/week at your convenience. If you are interested in making a difference in someone’s life, please contact Florence at (775) 888-2021 or email: We have non-English speaking people living in your community who are eager to learn. Check our website: 


Thank you,

Florence Phillips

A 2018 CNN Hero:

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