LCSO deputies mourn slain Dallas officers

The Fernley Reporter


The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday that it is observing a period of mourning in solidarity with its fellow officers across the nation in support of the five officers who were killed and seven others and two civilians were wounded during a shooting at a protest in Dallas Thursday evening.

“The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office will observe a period of mourning in solidarity with our “brothers and sisters” across this nation in support of those brave peace officers who made the ultimate sacrifice,” Sheriff Al McNeil said.

All uniformed personnel of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office will display a mourning band over their badges until the last deceased peace officer is laid to rest.


“Our prayers are with their families and friends, including those wounded peace officers and citizens, as well as for all members of the Dallas law enforcement community,” McNeil said. “Furthermore, we strongly support Dallas Police Chief David Brown’s plea to stand united in stopping the violence.”

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