Laxalt applauds signing of “Veronica’s Law”

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Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt celebrated the signing of Assembly Bill (AB) 57 into law. The bill, also known as “Veronica’s Law,” is a victim-centered bill that amends current law to ensure that family members are timely informed of the death of a loved one by the appropriate authorities, and also provided the coroner’s report so that they know the cause of death. This change is vital when the victim is murdered by his or her domestic partner, because the perpetrator is the legal next of kin entitled to such notice.

Veronica’s Law, sponsored by the Office of the Nevada Attorney General, was named in honor of Veronica Caldwell, who along with her daughter Yvonne Rose Reyes and her daughter’s boyfriend Cory Childers, died on March 3, 2015 at the hands of Veronica’s husband in a triple homicide. Rose Floyd, the mother of Veronica Caldwell and grandmother of Yvonne Rose Reyes, testified before the Legislature on two occasions in support of this bill and to add context for the bill’s importance. In this instance, because Veronica’s husband did not pass away immediately after his suicide attempt, Ms. Floyd was not permitted to identify or claim her daughter’s body.

“The ultimate goal of this bill is to make an impact on the lives of our victims of crime and their families,” Laxalt said. “Though no law can undue this brutal act of violence, I am encouraged by the small consolation this legislation will provide to Rose Floyd and her family during this difficult time. My office will continue to fight for victims of crime to ensure that their voices are heard, and that their families receive the respect, care and assistance they need to cope with the crimes committed against them.”


“Veronica’s Law will ensure that no other mother in Nevada will have to endure the added pain and trauma of not being notified of her child’s death and being told she is not the next of kin,” Rose Floyd said. “I would like to thank all those who assisted me on this journey, particularly the Attorney General’s Office, for helping to create a lasting tribute to Veronica, Yvonne and Cory’s memory.”

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