Future is bright: WNC grad earns multiple degrees

Courtesy Steve Yingling, Western Nevada College

Todd Minto, a WNC student from Carson City, graduated with five degrees.

Graduating with a single academic degree is a commendable accomplishment for any college student, given the time, dedication and sacrifices that are required.

But for Western Nevada College student Todd Minto of Carson City, one degree is barely scratching the surface of his academic prowess. Minto graduated on Monday with not one, not two, not three, not four, but five degrees.

Minto received three Associate of Applied Science degrees, as well as Associate of Arts and Associate of General Studies degrees.


His academic emphasis has been in technology as he earned AAS degrees in General Industrial Technology, Machine Tool and Welding.

Minto is modest about his achievements, but his diversified skill set has led to employment at Berger Hannafin Architecture and Bently Nevada.

“I’m very fortunate to get to know him over these years,” said WNC Psychology Professor Dr. Rebecca Bevans. “He definitely deserves to be recognized for his accomplishments, whether he wants to be recognized or not.”

Following high school graduation, Minto began taking welding classes at WNC in 2014, to pick up a trade and earn a Shielded Metal Arc Welding industry certification. After learning some welding skills, Minto proceeded to the machine shop, where he earned four employer-pleasing National Institute of Metalworking Skills certifications. Eventually, he ventured to the advanced industrial technology lab to broaden his expertise. But Minto didn’t stop with the technology degrees in hand.

“Since I’m here, I might as well clean up the transfer degrees. I might get the urge to try UNR one of these days,” Minto said.

Bevans has had the pleasure of teaching Minto in six different classes.

“He’s a very unique student,” Bevans said. “He’s a very private individual and very reserved in his comments. He sits in class and takes it all in. I’m honored that’s he comfortable enough in my class to come back time and time again.”

Machine Tool Technology Instructor David Fulton and Welding Instructor Randy Naylor have been impressed with Minto during his time at WNC.

“Todd was a great student and is an excellent individual,” Fulton said. “He was a teaching assistant for me for a couple semesters because he learns quickly and gets along well with others. He is somebody I will stay in contact with as the future progresses.”

Added Naylor, “He was an excellent student who got along well with faculty and students. The fact that he was able to achieve multiple degrees should make him a well-rounded individual, which industry is seeking.”

Minto, however, may not be finished with his assortment of degrees at WNC.

“Hopefully I’ll get the AS next semester. That is, if my work schedule allows,” he said.

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