FIS/SMS wrestlers have great season

The Fernley Reporter

The Fernley Intermediate School and Silverland Middle School wrestling team finished its 2017 season with 34 wrestlers qualifying for the championship the Tah Neva championships in Lovelock, with 8 winning championships and 20 placing in the top four in their weight classes.

“We had a huge group of kids, coach Scott Gillespie said. “Having too many kids is a great problem to have. We hope that this group of kids will continue on at the next level.”

With more than 60 kids at the beginning of the season, Fernley wrestling had, by far, its largest team ever. “I have great coaches working with me, and our youth programs in town are top notch,” Gillespie said. “The work that we all put in shows with these kids on the mat.”


The combined FIS/SMS 5th, 6th and 7th graders placed first as a team, while the 8th grade SMS team placed second.

Out of the 34 qualifiers, 4th place finishers were Angel Guzman, Ashton Meeks, Bow Jordan, Eric Juliot, and Jacob Donahue. Third place finishers were Nathan Glass, Julian McIntyre and Chaden Stanger. Second place finishers were Tommy Dennis, Emiliano Alonzo, Michael Garcia, and Davis Sisneros. Champions were Brody Garrett, JR Reyes, Travis Kollar, Dominic Reyes, Corbin Henderson, Kyle Jones, Jackson Chapin and John Owens.

Owens also won the most outstanding wrestler in the middle weight divisions for the 8th graders.

“Our goal every year is to just keep building,” Gillespie said. “A tradition of excellence is a very difficult thing to instill. We are definitely on the right path. I am excited to see what these guys will accomplish in the future.”

The qualifiers were:

5th 6th and 7th grade
7th 75lbs Teage Kennison
7th 80lbs George Rosenlino
7th 85lbs Brody Garrett
7th 90lbs Peter Knodell
7th 100lbs Hunter King    
7th 110lbs Brandon McCullar     
7th 110lbs Nate Glass
7th 115lbs Easton Kennison
7th 115lbs Julian McIntyre
7th 120lbs Kaden Stanger
7th 120lbs Ramone Aboytes
7th 125lbs Tommy Dennis
7th 135lbs Allyn Halterman                     
7th 135lbs J.R. Reyes                      
7th 135lbs Austin Hobson            
7th 145lbs Emiliano Alonzo                     
7th 145lbs Travis Kollar   
7th 145lbs Kale Kreller                
7th HWT Bryan Wilson              
7th HWT Dominic Reyes
8th grade
8th 100lbs Corbin Henderson      
8th 105lbs Angel Guzman
8th 110lbs Ashton Meeks
8th 115lbs Kyle Jones                   
8th 125lbs Bow Jordan    
8th 130lbs Michael Garcia
8th 135lbs Chris McKibbins
8th 135lbs Jackson Chapin
8th 140lbs Mason Sloan
8th 150lbs John Owens
8th 160lbs Eric Juliot
8th 175lbs Kenneth Hunter
8th 175lbs David Sisneros
8th HWT Jacob Donahue

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