Fire District warns of scam

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter


The North Lyon County Fire Protection District is warning businesses and residents of a scam in which callers are asking for donations for a fire magnet campaign.

This morning, a local Fernley business called the District asking if North Lyon County Fire Protection District would be handing out magnets. The person said a caller had asked for donations for a Fire Magnets Campaign, and said the fire District would be handing out the magnets.

“It is not true that this District is participating in a Fire Magnets Campaign, and those who receive such calls should call the Sheriff’s Office,” District Fire Chief Scott Huntley said.



One thought on “Fire District warns of scam

  • We are legit, despite what one may think, just to set this straight as a project development manager. In fact I’m the one working on this project. We always have a distribution agreement signed by a representative from the fire department before we contact businesses in the communities we work with. Not sure how this confusion came about. I, personally apologize for any and all misunderstandings.


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