Fire chief asks residents to use good judgment

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With the potential of flooding and other weather related problems this weekend, North Lyon County Fire Protection District Chief Scott Huntley released the following statement:

Other areas of Northern Nevada should be impacted more by the storms this weekend and middle of next week. Residents can assist emergency services by slowing down. Stay away from the normal areas where water accumulates. The Truckee Canal Irrigation District , City of Fernley, Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, Lyon County Emergency Management and the Fire Protection District have all communicated. I have participated in conference calls with numerous other agencies and we have prepared. Areas of greatest concern are Northern Nevada’s rivers. Due to preparations by T.C.I.D., threats have been eliminated, although nature’s strength is noted.

Residents can assist other impacted areas by reducing every day incidents in Fernley and reducing the load on the Lyon County Communications Center staff. Assist neighbors by removing ice, keeping it slow, and using good judgment.


I have been amazed by the lack of good judgment by drivers on I-80 during poor road conditions over the last weeks. Even as we provide care during incidents drivers are not slowing down. Thank you to Fernley’s residents for taking it slow. Every day if everyone would follow the good advice from agencies like the Nevada Highway Patrol we would see little or no incidents on our road ways.

The Fire District staff will be ready as always to do their very best to protect you. Stay safe and keep it slow.

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  • Bill Meyer

    Doing good robert. Keep improving


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